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Skincare Tip of The Month

Dana - Licensed Aesthetician
Louisville Cosmetic Surgery Staff Dana at Imaage (502) 894-8595

Dana is a licensed aesthetician with extensive training in facial techniques, skincare and laser systems. She performs customized facials, is an expert in the use of chemical peels and has a special interest in treating skincare concerns and problems with lasers. She has an ability to visualize the perfect regimen for each client and how it can compliment their individual features and achieve the client's ultimate goals. She adores being an esthetician because she loves helping, pampering and taking care of people. Feel confident and comfortable under the care of Dana's hands.

September 2014 - Skincare Tip of The Month

The Seasons are changing... and so is your skin.

With each season there are different steps that should be incorporated into your skin care. Typically when the weather gets cool and dry you'll notice your skin will seem dull and dehydrated.

Exfoliation is crucial during these winter months and is a very important step in your skin care. When you exfoliate, you increase cellular turnover and allow your other skin care products to penetrate at a more effective level. This is a great way to help your skin feel fresh and create a beautiful fall glow.

Contact our aesthetician at IMAAGE 502-894-8595 for more information on which exfoliant or treatment would be best for you!

August 2014 - Skincare Tip of The Month

The summer heat may have you wading in the ocean on vacation or lounging pool side with your favorite beverage, but don't let this create an opportunity for sun-damage to accumulate on your most prized possession... your health and your skin! 


The skin is the largest organ of the body but is literally the most neglected.  All the nutrients we put in our body through vitamins, minerals, food, etc. are utilized by all of our other organs first, and thus the skin suffers. 


My summer month tip is to not only wear a sunscreen but to reapply that sunscreen every 2 hrs if you are out and about in order to protect yourself from environmental damage and stresses. By protecting the skin you are helping to prevent premature aging and prevent deathly skin cancer. Everyone remembers to apply their sunscreen before sun exposure but most forget to reapply.  Every 2 hours is usually sufficient for reapplication unless of course you are sweating it off or getting wet with pool activities, etc. 


Once you exit the water you must immediately reapply to insure the skin's safety against harmful UVA and UVB radiation from the sun.  The skin is already lacking in vital nutrients to ward off daily aggressors so make sure you are fully prepared and have an SPF (don't forget to reapply!) in your daily arsenal for healthy, beautiful and cancer free skin!

July 2014 - Skincare Tip of The Month

The Summer to Glow

It's that time of year again...

The heat and harmful UV rays can cause many beauty concerns. Let us guide you, and share many skin care and beauty secrets that will help to glow through the summer! A light SPF followed with bronzer can create a warm, beautiful summer glow. Using less face makeup will allow your skin to breathe and appear naturally flawless. Contact our amazing aesthetician for information and guidance on creating your healthy, beautiful summer look.

We can show you how to even out skin tone, add radiance and not feel heavy in the heat. This is your summer to shine and illuminate your skin.

Embrace the natural essence of your beauty... with Imaage

Call IMAAGE today at 502-894-8595 to set up your appointment.

April 2014 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Sunscreen is your Best Friend!

Spring is upon us and it's time to prepare your skin for the new season. Sunscreen should be a part of your daily skin care routine, especially in the spring and summer when we are typically exposed to more sunlight. Wearing a sunscreen daily of spf 30 or higher is one of the best and easiest ways to fight sun damage and signs of aging. Sunscreen needs to be reapplied throughout the day to achieve optimal protection. You'll also continue to have better results with your skincare products and treatments if you're protecting your skin daily. Don't forget the most important sunscreen advice... USE IT!

Contact Dana at Imaage to make sure you have enough sunscreen in your skincare routine to protect from the sun exposure in the months ahead. Keep your skin beautiful and glowing through the spring and summer!

(502) 894-8595

March 2014 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Diminish your fine lines and wrinkles in two easy steps!

The majority of our patients want to know the best regimen for treating fine lines and wrinkles and signs of aging.

The combination of topical medication Tretinoin (Retin-A) and Botox will diminish your fine lines and wrinkles. These are two simple steps to take to younger and more beautiful skin.

Tretinoin (Retin-A) is the only topical medication that has been proven to improve fine lines and wrinkles. Although tretinoin is more commonly associated with acne treatment, it is also approved by the FDA to reduce the effects of photoaging on the skin (wrinkles). It increases the cell turnover process and strengthens the collagen fibers by penetrating deep into the dermis of your skin.

Botox will improve the appearance of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows, forehead and crow's feet. The entire procedure takes approximately 10 minutes with minimal discomfort and no downtime.

The combination of Botox with Tretinoin can't be beat for the signs of aging and preventing future signs of aging.

Call us at 502-894-8595 to schedule your Botox appointment today or to speak with one our Licensed Aestheticians about Tretinoin!

Feburary 2014- Skincare Tip of The Month

Lights, Laser and Peels!

NOW is the time to be doing these beneficial treatments for your skin. There are a wide variety of lasers and peels that treat different conditions and different skin types and here at Imaage we have something for everyone! We can effectively treat hyperpigmentation (sun spots), texture, pore size, increase collagen production, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, treat acne and even tighten and firm the skin.

The winter months are perfect for these types of procedures because we naturally will be receiving less sun exposure during this time of year and we are able to heal better after in-office treatments. We are also able to readily target all the damage that occurred over the summer months and results are remarkable. If you are unsure on what you are a good candidate for or which treatment is best for your condition feel free to browse our website or call our office!

We also provide complimentary consultations by appointment. Winter time is a time for healing and reversing past damages.

Donít let the winter months keep you in the dark, let your skin shine

January 2014 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Wintertime Skincare...

Winter is upon us, as are the winter skincare concerns. The seasons change and so should your skincare. The skin care regimen you used for the summer will not be sufficient enough to address your skincare concerns for the winter. Thereís no question about it, the dry, cold temperatures outside and the heat inside will cause your skin to become dry and tight and whatís often known as the "winter itch".

You definitely want to make sure youíre nourishing your skin with vitamins, exfoliating regularly, and if youíre using a lightweight moisturizer then its time to bump it up to a more emollient one. Then of course always apply a sunscreen after your moisturizer. Due to the harsh elements of the winter months you definitely need and want to adjust your skincare regime and possibly add different or new products to address these concerns. If your skin is feeling tight, uncomfortable or dull then the products youíre using are not working how theyíre meant too. You need to make sure you are consistently applying moisturizer throughout the day in the winter months to keep your moisture barrier strong and intact. We would definitely recommend applying moisturizer immediately after you shower to help lock in moisture. Stay consistent with your cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and your sunscreen to achieve your beautiful winter glow! Itís time for you to be Radiant in winter!

Contact Imaage to speak with one of our Licensed Aestheticians to figure out which moisturizer would be perfect for you skin! 502-894-8595

Time for a changeÖ Time for an updateÖ Itís your timeÖA new yearÖ A new you!

December 2013 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Check in with your Aesthetician!

Skincare needs can change over time due to the environment, age, hormones, etc. and it's important to make sure your skin care and professional services changes as well.

By scheduling a consult you can get the help you need to transition into healthier skin without wondering what to do next. Plus you can get the low down on the latest and greatest products out on the market or the latest in office procedure that everyone is raving about!

It's important to stay in contact with your aestheticism to discuss possible changes that need to take place to achieve optimal results as well.

Remember that consults are always complimentary so schedule yours today!

November 2013 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Exfoliation on a regular basis is key to beautiful and vibrant skin!

With the upcoming cooler/dry months it's important to exfoliate the skin on a regular basis with Alpha Hydroxy Acids and particular scrubs to keep the skin cells active.

Active skin cells will always equal healthy skin! Our skin will naturally shed dead skin but that process slows down with age, sun damage and environmental stressors. It's important that we help facilitate this process with products at home and professional services like chemical peels and microdermabrasions in the office.

We must remove the dead outer layer so the new skin can reach the surface and that in turn will promote a better complexion and texture. Most people will feel dry and dehydrated during the winter months and one of the reasons that occurs is because there is dead skin cell buildup!

Contact Dana to make sure you have enough exfoliation in your skincare routine to combat the dry months that lie ahead. Better hydration will naturally occur by keeping those skin cells active.

So be proactive and take care of your skin this winter, it will thank you for it!

October 2013 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Good Skincare Habits.

Remember that your neck, chest and your hands can show the signs of aging before your face! Anything you do to your face, do to your neck, chest and hands. Good skincare habits do not stop at the jaw line, so use all of your products in these other areas. This not only helps with correction, but also maintains those results and prevent further damage.

Stop by the office or send me an e-mail to also discuss other options for these areas including chemical peels and laser treatments!

Contact our aestheticians at IMAAGE 502-894-8595.

August 2013 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Is your make up working for you? It should be!

Make up should be considered an integral part of your skin care regimen every single day. For most women, we are applying make up daily over our skin care products and that make-up that you are using may be doing you more harm than good. Make sure that you are using a mineral based make up from foundation to powder, eyeshadow, lipstick, etc. Mineral based make up allows the skin to breathe and attaches to water molecules in your skin to keep you hydrated all day long. It is also full of antioxidants that help to nourish and protect the skin from free radical damage. Not to mention, there is a slight natural spf in mineral based make up. Basically, mineral-based cosmetics are like having skincare in your make-up! Itís a must have for problematic skin as well since it will not clog the pores and feels like you are wearing nothing!

Summer is great time to go through your make up and throw out anything over 6 months old. Bacteria will grow in make up products readily and remember, youíre putting this on your face! Replace anything you toss with a mineral based make up for a cleaner and clearer complexion along with that flawless airbrushed look. Here at Imaage we are very proud to have our own private line of 100% mineral make-up in a wide arrange of formulas and colors. Get that sun-kissed look without the harmful rays of the sun with our bronzers, or get that shiny pout with our amazing lip gloss! If you want to get the most out of your skin care products and services that you receive here, itís vitally important to back that up with great make up habits. A dewy complexion is right around the corner with Imaage Mineral make up!

Call Imaage today at 502-894-8595. Make the summer of 2013 your best yet!

June 2013 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Make Your Eyes Brighter!

Two easy things you can do to make your eyes really pop is trying eyelash and/or eyebrow tinting. This is a simple procedure that provides a long lasting result that truly enhances the entire eye area. The process of eyelash/eyebrow tinting involve the careful placement of a vegetable based semi-permanent dye to the lashes, creating the dramatic visual effect of having darker, longer, fuller eyelashes and adding more color and depth to the eyebrows. With this added depth the eyebrows will help to really frame the entire eye area and the use of make up to fill in the brows is lessened.

Your Aesthetician will consult with you on particular colors that will be best for achieving the look you are interested in and which colors will bring out your natural beauty. We have colors to match everyone!

Special occasions such as weddings and graduation ceremonies often prompt women to have their first experience with eyelash or eyebrow tinting. Such occasions often induce emotional responses such as crying, and mascara and false lashes often fail to perform up to par. Eyelash and brow tinting are perfect for those that are active athletes as well! Sweating and swimming will leave your make up running but with tinting you will have that beautiful color all work out long! Eyelash and eyebrow tinting affords women the assurance that their lashes and brows will look picture perfect all day. Tinting typically lasts 6 weeks with a gradual fading of color over that time.

We also have incorporated another wonderful product in our Imaage line! Our AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) Body Lotion blends intensely hydrating, skin smoothing ingredients together to rejuvenate and revitalize skinís vitality and texture. Combining these products with VelaShape will provide ultimate results but they can be used on their own to help stimulate correction all over the body.

Call IMAAGE today at 502-894-8595 to set up your appointment and make your eyes the focus of your beautiful face!

October 2012 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Whether it be a family member, friend, coworker, or even yourself, breast cancer as no doubt touched your life in one way or another. My grandmother, great grandmother, and my grandfather (breast cancer isn't limited to women) were all Breast Cancer Survivors. The disease itself is difficult enough, but the debilitating effects of treatment can be that much more devastating. Chemotherapy and Radiation, while life saving treatments, have negative physical side effects. Dry skin to the point of painful cracks and bleeding (especially near the cuticles,) loss of eyelashes, eyebrows, and hair, and painful radiation burn are some of the more common. All of these things may seem small in comparison to fighting cancer, but they can greatly affect a persons self esteem and confidence.

My life was forever changed by cancer when I lost my father in 2009. I sought out an avenue to use my skills as an aesthetician to lend support to those battling cancer. I am one of the few Clinical Oncology Estheticians in the US, and Kentucky's first and only COE. I have trained extensively on how to provide safe and effective methods of skin care for those undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. Complementary Skin Consultation are always available at Imaage by appointment for clients undergoing cancer treatment and survivors. The skin is the largest organ of the body, and while undergoing treatment, and once treatment is completed, it will go through many changes. My goal to offer support, and guide those who need it on the best methods of skin care, makeup application, and anything esthetically related in between. At Imaage, we care about our clients, and this is one of the ways we hope our knowledge and skills can positively effect the community.

If you have any questions about Clinical Oncology Esthetics (skin care for those undergoing cancer treatment,) please feel free to contact me via email, or call (502) 894-8595 to book your Consultation.

September 2012 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Beautiful Skin

Did you know that 90% of all outer negative skin symptoms are a result of demineralized skin? Are you experiencing dryness, acne, premature aging or hypersensitive skin? More than likely your skin is lacking the trace elements it needs to be balanced!

The role of trace elements in our skin care is that they act as a catalyst for other good reactions in the skin. They strengthen and provide energy for cells. They also provide an essential balance and increase the health potential of skin cells. For optimal health of the skin, it is necessary to obtain an outside source of these trace elements on a daily basis.

So how do you get these trace elements? IMAAGE is a proud provider of Phytomer products. Phytomer is a pharmaceutical grade French-based line of products that are marine based in nature that will help to rebuild the trace elements back into the skin along with treating common symptoms of the skin. Phytomer incorporates their patented ingredient Oligomer that is a highly concentrated mineralized seawater that has all the active properties to supply the skin with important trace elements. Oligomer is found in all of their products! We are very proud to say that these products are exclusive to us for retail in the Louisville area!

You may also reap the benefits of these products by enjoying our Imaage Signature Facial. On special for the month of September, our facial is completely customized to your skin care needs and includes a detoxifying seaweed mud mask placed on the back, arm and hand massage with warm stones, neck and shoulder massage, facial and scalp massage as well. Special: $70 for one Imaage Signature Facial (Normally $90).

Pamper yourself and get beautiful skin at the same time! Call 502-894-8595 to schedule your appointment!

August 2012 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Facials: Luxury and Necessity

When you think of pampering services, facials may be one of the first treatments to come to mind. While stress reduction and relaxation do play a big role in your treatment, donít discredit the health benefits that a facial can bring. Regular facials help detoxify your body by aiding your lymphatic system. When the lymphatic system becomes backed up, lymphatic fluid becomes trapped and builds up toxins that are detrimental to your everyday health. Lymphatic drainage massage techniques used during facials help the body by removing those blockages from the lymph nodes situated around the face and neck, helping the body to eliminate those toxins properly. It also helps improve blood flow to the skin, increasing circulation and allowing the body to send all of the vital nutrients to the skin that it lacks without proper stimulation.

Another benefit of facials is proper exfoliation and specialized products. As we age our cellular turnover slows down. The increase of dead skin cells result in the appearance of fine lines, congestion, breakouts, and dull, lackluster skin. Not only does exfoliation help with these ailments, but it also helps your skin care products penetrate deeper thus increasing their efficacy. For the ladies, your makeup will go on easier and look more natural. The products used during a facial treatment are concentrated, and in many cases pharmaceutical grade. This means they are specially designed to give your skin a boost that is unavailable in your typical over the counter products.

At Imaage we pride ourselves on providing customized, comforting services that show results. Our Signature Facial is catered to your specific skincare needs and concerns. Your face isnít identical to anyone elseís so why should your facial be? Itís an hour and fifteen minutes of pure bliss that includes a customized cleanser, exfoliation, steaming and extractions, pharmaceutical grade serums, customized mask for the face and eyes, hand massage, arm massage with hot stones, neck and shoulder massage, scalp massage, and finishes with a customized moisturizer and sunscreen meant for your skin type.

Come in and let Dana and Blenna pamper you into happier, healthier skin. (502) 894-8595

April 2012 - Skincare Tip of The Month

One of the first places we show premature aging is our eyes. Whether it is fine lines, full blown crowís feet, sagging, dark circles, or just looking tired. We canít escape that our eyes tell our age and in some cases, bad habits. So what can you do? While prevention is always an easier road to take than correction, here are a few tips to keep your eyes at their best.

Wearing sunglasses that cover the entire area of the eye is the easiest change you can make. Not only do sunglasses allow you to see during sunny days, but by not squinting, you help prevent the ugly fine lines that can develop from years of summer fun. Sunglasses also help block out the sunís damaging aging rays. You canít lose with a good pair or shades.

Already have fine lines? Fear not! There are options for you too. Using a quality eye cream such as Obagi Elastiderm can improve the appearance of fine lines and boosts skinís elasticity by 46%. For those with fully formed crows feet, using Botox to relax the muscles on the outer edge of the ocular orbit will soften your appearance making for a more rested, beautiful you! Do you wake up with swollen eyes? Elastiderm Eye Serum helps improve puffiness and firmness under the eye. We have an answer for all of your eye beautification needs.

For more information or other skin care tips call and speak with one of our skin care specialists! 502-894-8595

January 2012 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Tis the Season for beautiful glowy skin! 


Regular monthly facials are key to keep your skin radiant and youthful.  Not to mention that they are completely pampering and help to reduce daily stress that can show up in our skin!  Facials help to deeply cleanse and exfoliate the skin leaving it refreshed and renewed and rejuvenated.  By keeping the pores cleaned out with professional products and by performing extractions during the facial, the texture of the skin will stay even and oil will be held to a minimum so the complexion is bright and glowy. 


Regular facials are essential for healthy skin over time and can make a huge difference in how you age, so remember to treat yourself this holiday season during all the hustle and bustle! 


And remember, here at Imaage they are always completely customized to what your skin needs the day of the treatment. 


They also make the perfect gift for that person that has everything! 

We love to pamper and deliver results here at Imaage, so get moving and get your glow on with our signature facial!


October - Skincare Tip of The Month

Remember that your neck, chest and your hands can show the signs of aging before your face! Anything you do to your face, do to your neck, chest and hands. Good skincare habits do not stop at the jaw line, so use all of your products in these other areas. This not only helps with correction, but also maintains those results and prevent further damage. Stop by the office or send me an e-mail to also discuss other options for these areas including chemical peels and laser treatments!