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Skincare Tip of The Month

Dana - Licensed Aesthetician
Louisville Cosmetic Surgery Staff Dana at Imaage (502) 894-8595

Dana is a licensed aesthetician with extensive training in facial techniques, skincare and laser systems. She performs customized facials, is an expert in the use of chemical peels and has a special interest in treating skincare concerns and problems with lasers. She has an ability to visualize the perfect regimen for each client and how it can compliment their individual features and achieve the client's ultimate goals. She adores being an esthetician because she loves helping, pampering and taking care of people. Feel confident and comfortable under the care of Dana's hands.

February 2015 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Check in with your Aesthetician!

Skincare needs can change over time due to the environment, age, hormones, etc. and it's important to make sure your skin care and professional services changes as well.

By scheduling a consult you can get the help you need to transition into healthier skin without wondering what to do next. Plus you can get the low down on the latest and greatest products out on the market or the latest in office procedure that everyone is raving about!

It's important to stay in contact with your aestheticism to discuss possible changes that need to take place to achieve optimal results as well.

Remember that consults are always complimentary so schedule yours today!

January 2015 - Skincare Tip of The Month

Wintertime Skincare...

Winter is upon us, as are the winter skincare concerns. The seasons change and so should your skincare. The skin care regimen you used for the summer will not be sufficient enough to address your skincare concerns for the winter. There’s no question about it, the dry, cold temperatures outside and the heat inside will cause your skin to become dry and tight and what’s often known as the "winter itch".

You definitely want to make sure you’re nourishing your skin with vitamins, exfoliating regularly, and if you’re using a lightweight moisturizer then its time to bump it up to a more emollient one. Then of course always apply a sunscreen after your moisturizer. Due to the harsh elements of the winter months you definitely need and want to adjust your skincare regime and possibly add different or new products to address these concerns. If your skin is feeling tight, uncomfortable or dull then the products you’re using are not working how they’re meant too. You need to make sure you are consistently applying moisturizer throughout the day in the winter months to keep your moisture barrier strong and intact. We would definitely recommend applying moisturizer immediately after you shower to help lock in moisture. Stay consistent with your cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and your sunscreen to achieve your beautiful winter glow! It’s time for you to be Radiant in winter!

Contact Imaage to speak with our Licensed Aestheticians to figure out which moisturizer would be perfect for you skin! 502-894-8595

Time for a change… Time for an update… It’s your time…A new year… A new you!