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Twilight Anesthesia

"Completely asleep without the
traditional anesthesia side effects"

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What is Twilight Anesthesia?

You will be completely asleep during your surgery at Imaage using an all I.V. anesthetic for heavy sedation. We do NOT use general anesthesia that requires a breathing tube (endotracheal tube), breathing machine (ventilator), or anesthetic gases. You will breathe on your own (without the aid of a breathing machine or tube) during your surgery at Imaage but will not see, hear or feel anything throughout the surgery. Dr Haas also infuses local anesthetics into the operative areas during the surgery which minimizes patient pain after surgery. This anesthetic technique is not only safe and effective, but reduces side effects such as nausea and vomiting. Patients also generally wake up much faster and have less of that "groggy" feeling afterward.

Dr Haas has used this anesthetic technique safely on thousands of patients at Imaage. Dr. Haas states, "In all those patients, we have never had a patient report any experience of discomfort during surgery or "waking-up" during surgery. When I talk to patients in the recovery room, they routinely look at me and say "Is my surgery over?" or "the last thing I remember is talking to you when you drew on me". With twilight anesthesia, patients at Imaage wake up in recovery warm and comfortable and without pain."


"Dr. Haas did my breast surgery in his office with twilight anesthesia. All I remember is walking into the operating room and the next thing I know I am getting dressed to go home. It was like taking a nap. No pain, no remembering the procedure, and best of all no side effects afterwards. Great way to have surgery!" ...LD

"In the past, I had surgery and was put all the way under. This method of anesthesia left me nauseous and very groggy. It was a comfort to me knowing that with the twilight method that Dr. Haas uses, not only was I not nauseous upon waking up, but after a very short period of time, I was wide awake and ready to go home. I had no memory of the surgery and no pain. Much better than previous surgery!" ...SM

"...I woke up in the recovery room from my breast surgery & asked, "When are you going to start?!" ...BE